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You owe it to yourself to read this Wealthy Affiliate review before making a decision on whether Wealthy Affiliate University is the right fit for you.It is Not a Get Rich SchemeBeware anyone selling get rich schemes. No one can give you some prepackaged website that you can set up and then automatically have large sums of cash deposited into your bank account over night. However, with dedication and hard work you can be very successful online. How successful you get and how much money you make will be directly linked to how much effort you put into your marketing efforts. If you have the drive to be a successful internet marketer, Wealthy Affiliate University can give you the knowledge, information and resources to be successful. Whether success means a few extra dollars a day, a good part-time income, or pursing a full-time income with online internet marketing, Wealthy Affiliate can help get you to there. A review of Wealthy Affiliate University demonstrates that it has all of the keys to help you become successful financially.Three Pillars of Being a SuccessIn order to be successful online, you need to have three things:
(1) knowledge and training,
(2) interactive community and
(3) the appropriate tools. This Wealthy Affiliate University review will demonstrate how this membership site can give you all of these three keys to success. Coupled with the desire and will to succeed, you can accomplish anything.Knowledge and TrainingFirst, you need to have the necessary base knowledge to succeed. There are lots of different directions you can go in internet marketing. You might decide to pursue free advertising methods like article marketing, video marketing and email list building, or pursue paid advertising methods like pay-per-click advertising or contextual advertising, or perhaps a combination of both free and paid advertising. Whether you are new to internet marketing or have been at it awhile, a review of Wealthy Affiliate reveals that all of the training that you would need to understand all of the different facets of internet marketing is provided as part of the membership.Interactive Community of Your PeersSecond, with access to an active community of your peers, you can interact with other internet markets, learn from their mistakes and failures, and bounce your own ideas off of them. Unfortunately, this is often an underappreciated aspect to success. One is hardly ever a success at anything they do in life without the support and guidance of others. At Wealthy Affiliate University, there is a very active forum network and blog platform so you can regularly interact with other internet markets and stay up-to-date with their activities.Cutting Edge Tools and ServicesThird, in order to be successful at internet marketing you have to have the right tools and services. At the very least, you will need web hosting, a web page design application, a tool for helping you find profitable niches and products in those niches, tools to help you identify the best keywords to target for your marketing campaigns, an article writing tool and a link cloaker so that you can hide your affiliate links and also to make your links look pretty without garbled text. If you were to pay for each of these tools independently, it would cost you $100s per month. A Wealthy Affiliate University review uncovers that a membership includes all of these tools for free, so you can either pocket that saved money or use it for paid advertising to make even more money.Wealthy Affiliate University – A Place for All Flavors of Internet MarketingIf this Wealthy Affiliate review intrigued you, and if you are serious about becoming a successful internet marketer and looking for the right resources and tools to help you get there, you should review Wealthy Affiliate University for yourself and determine whether you have the desire and will to become a successful marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate – Review – University Review

This Wealthy Affiliate University Review examines and reports what you are going to find in the members area of Wealthy Affiliate.In the member’s area you will learn everything about internet marketing beginning with the basics and goes on to very advanced techniques. The eight week getting started guide helps members get into profit in the shortest possible time. Other training included are identified as beginner, intermediate and advanced.The Wealthy Affiliate Forum is a community of new and successful internet marketers. You will meet members who are making $30K plus per month, enthusiastically answering questions and sharing knowledge.The Video Vault is another avenue to make your learning curve easier.The Tools area includes all the research tools needed to start earning…also Site Rubix – a website creator plus free website hosting.Wealthy Affiliate University trains its members to be experts in affiliate marketing, and it provides regularly updated content and a host of extremely useful tools to make you successful. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, everything you need to be successful is included. Not only does the program provide quality education, mentoring and coaching, it includes software to easily create websites, free web hosting, and a very active and helpful user forum.My Recommendation and Summary It is my belief that Wealthy Affiliate is the best source of internet marketing education on the internet. The fresh, regularly updated content, the one-on-one support, Site Rubix – a website creater and free website hosting put Wealthy Affiliate in the top position for overall internet marketing education. Many thousands of successful internet entrepreneurs can attribute their success to WA. The information within the members’ area of WA covers information you would have to buy many e-books to discover, including niche marketing, keywords and keyword research, marketing, and everything else concerning internet marketing. Wealthy Affiliate University gets my absolute highest recommendation.

Home Wealth University – Will it Live Up to Its Hype? – University Review

This Home Wealth University review is my honest opinion about what could be a revolutionary opportunity for network marketers. I got word from a friend of mine about the pre-launch of this company and immediately decided to check them out to see what they were about.I looked into some of the trainers that the company has landed and I have to say that it looks like the training they will be providing is training that 80% (if not more) of network marketers need. Among the trainers are Michael Glaspie (regarded as a top network marketer), and Rachel Long (also a recruiting expert).The training that you can receive from mentors like this is simply essential and necessary for beginner network marketers and even veterans who are still operating with old school methods and are not taking full advantage of what the internet has to offer.Whenever I do research on a company I look at what I consider the 3 main factors that make or break most network marketing companies. These are the leaders, the product, and the training that the reps receive.The product that Home Wealth University is offering is simply education on how to be a top recruiter in network marketing and going over specific techniques such as blogs, social networks, and affiliate marketing. They will also be providing training on personal development and real estate.Personally I look for products that are unique. There are many companies that are providing similar products to what Home Wealth University is providing. However, the uniqueness in this company is how they have brought together all these leaders and training to one place to access all.From what I’ve discussed with other business partners, the opportunity here seems very promising specially for the network marketer who is just getting started to take advantage of learning the principles of network marketing and join this pre-launch to monetize the initial buzz and energy that a company like this is likely to bring to the home based business industry. Their Double Acceleration Matrix compensation plan is a bit complex, yet a powerful opportunity.

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As a tax accountant for 35 years I needed to find a business online that would give me the skills to move into a different field. The only experience I had with computers was loading up a tax program from year to year. Trying to learn something new on the computer was not an option because of the constant deadlines pulling me away from learning anything else.After searching on the internet for an online business, I finally looked into Internet Income University. I was so tired of all the scams and get rich quick programs; I finally realized that I need an educational program that would teach me computer skills and that would be there for me when I had questions.Internet marketing will work if you join up with people who have already been down the rough road. They now know exactly what doesn’t work so you can move on quickly with what does work. Whether your looking for just some sideline money or you want to completely move out of your current job this is the right company for you.This affiliate marketing group offers training packages for any level you want to be at. Obviously, the faster you want to make money the more time you will need to get through the education courses. Some people who still have other jobs and responsibilities will have to move at a slower pace which is just fine.Weekly assignments will help you master computer skills so you can capture interested prospects. This is the name of the game learning how to generate leads to make commissions.Weekly webinars and video training is a must so you can learn video and writing skills needed to draw prospects to your web site. The videos and articles can be constantly reviewed to make sure you never lose critical learning skills over a period of time. The companies web site always displays all the information and training videos in their back door so you can go over them at your convenience.Internet Income University also recommends you to join for free other internet marketers to listen to their videos and webinars. You always learn something new from all these people who have jumped over impossible odds to become successful.

Online Marketing Universities Review – Scam Or Legit? – University Review

How do online marketing universities differ from other learning methods?Online marketing universities are a fairly new concept and are quickly increasing their presence online. These sites present and guide one through an expansive program that covers a wide array of online money making techniques, in addition to providing a more than sufficient background training system for those new to the online marketing business. Until just recently, someone interested in affiliate marketing had to gain knowledge either through an exhausting period of trial and error, by finding information online via e-books or by finding a good coach or mentor.The internet is such a vast and exponentially growing world in itself that it presents a virtually endless ways to make money. Because of the fact that there is a wide variety of software, tools and techniques available to those seeking money online, there is high demand for informative sites and experienced individuals in the industry that can help one to focus on the best tools for their specific online business.What kind of curriculum online universities offer?Most online marketing universities allow students to learn at their own pace. Students can take advantage of the various online learning tools, information, techniques, chats and one-on-one mentoring offered by the university. One can take advantage of this training when they feel they need it for a particular marketing campaign, for general knowledge or if they have moved onto something new and need more mentoring.Whatever the case, and their level of expertise, there is something for everyone on the site. Sometimes, the web marketing mentors even end up learning from students who may have heard of a new marketing product that they have not yet heard of. The online marketing game evolves very quickly and there are always new products and services being created.Anyone can learn to market online if they stay focused and remain patient. The internet is here to stay it will continue to grow and become more interactive and robust. It will undoubtably be the primary means to which a greater percentage of the population will make money from anywhere in the world. The modern internet knows few boundaries, it does not have borders to cross, customs to go through, or blockades to keep one from achieving what they truly desire. The only restraint is the limits one places on their own creativity.

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How much are we willing to pay for top quality education? All of us know that to get the best education there is on whatever subject we wish to learn, we must be prepared to shell out a lot of money. This is why the best universities all over the world have high tuition fees. The same applies to a lot of online resources that teach Internet marketing and affiliate marketing when they charge big membership fees. Top education costs money, even if the field of study is how to promote products online.There are a few exemptions to this presumption, however, and the Wealthy Affiliate Online University is one of them. The Wealthy Affiliate Online University teaches some of the best techniques and strategies on Internet marketing and affiliate marketing, but without charging too much for the learning. The monthly cost of being a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Online University and being able to access all its features is US$39. If the subscription is paid in full for a whole year, the total cost is only $359.88, exactly $29.99 for 12 months.This figure may sound surprisingly low, considering that there are many published books and e-books on Internet marketing that sell for around half the cost of being a member for a whole year at the Wealthy Affiliate Online University. It is only natural for anyone to be skeptical about being able to learn anything about Internet marketing when cost comparisons are made in that way. What can anyone get from a subscription fee to the Wealthy Affiliate Online University that cannot be had through e-books or any other similar online resources?What the Wealthy Affiliate Online University offers on the basic level are around 40 guides, tutorials and videos on how Internet marketing is done. While it is true that similar guides and tutorials can be found on other websites, the Wealthy Affiliate Online University tries to trump that by giving an eight-week action plan that is supposed to give the member a walkthrough on the processes involved in effective affiliate marketing.In addition to the guides and the walk through to Internet marketing and affiliate marketing, the Wealthy Affiliate Online University offers add-on services that include personal, one-on-one mentoring with its members. The website also gives members the chance to consult with other professionals in the field. Typically, such one-on-one mentoring can cost thousands of dollars, depending on the lecturer. In the Wealthy Affiliate Online University, it is part of the $39 monthly fee.Moreover, guides and mentoring is only one part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online University’s monthly fee. It also includes various tools and software, such as website builder software, website and keyword analytics, and article spinners. The members also have access to an online forum, where other members who are more experienced with Internet marketing and affiliate marketing get to impart advice and ideas to other members for free.That is a lot, considering that the monthly fee is only $39. It is almost common knowledge that education for Internet marketing and affiliate marketing is expensive, but with the Wealthy Affiliate Online University, it practically costs nothing.

Waiting For the Rain – Sheila Gordon – Book Review – University Review

Before realizing the significance of the name of the story, I thought more appropriate titles might be My Friend, Frikka or, perhaps, War and Peas. Last Tengo in Jo’burg came to mind but was quickly dismissed because of the nature of the original movie. Then, I saw a metaphorical relationship that equated the rain, relief from the drought, to peaceful coexistence of blacks and whites in South Africa so that education for all could be attained. Just as the rain never came, neither has the much desired defeat of apartheid nor equality of education. Not, yet. The story affected me not so much for the reality of the social problem it depicted as for the many quotes that awakened long-dormant memories of the innocence of youth that is adulterated by the unreasonable hatred that grows from unfounded fear based on illogical premises and perpetuated by uninformed ignorance (to use an appropriate redundancy).I empathized with both Frikkie and Tengo as they innocently frolicked unmindful of the raging social conflicts that exploded in the urban centers. To one another they were equals in all ways, the different color of their skin having as much affect as either one’s dislike of boiled okra. They were two young boys involved in life for the love of it. My own youth was spent, for two months every year, in total isolation from the destructive power of prejudicial conflict. The camp at Boys’ Harbor in East Hampton was secluded and insulated from the mainstream of social lines of demarcation; there, blacks, whites, Chicanos, Protestants, Catholics, and Jews intermingled with total imperviousness to the differences that otherwise would have had us at each other’s throats for no other reason than the fact that we were different. There, we were all the same. I recalled with Ferrant fondness the relationship I had with a young Hispanic boy with whom I lived within a group at a convent in Sparkhill, New York. We were playing cowboys and Indians. At five years old each, we enjoyed the role playing and changed sides as often as the Spring breezes changed directions. During one of our capturing moments, when the Indian wrestled the cowboy to the ground or the cowboy held the Indian at bay with a sneak attack hammerlock, we fell together to the ground still intertwined inseparably. We were exhausted from the play and rested still caught in the entanglement as if in a lover’s erotic embrace. I was on top and looked into the eyes of Fernando Hernandez with a deep love for another human being because he was alive and happy to be with me as I was with him. I often watch puppies and kittens play with the same disregard for their differences as I did for what made Fernando and me different. The fact that we were both human beings was all that really mattered. I still feel that way, but society, as a whole, doesn’t. That is unfortunate.The contrast of Frikkie’s negative attitude toward school to Tengo’s thirst for knowledge remained constant. It was pleasant to see that Tengo was able to get the opportunity and took advantage of that occasion to the ultimate of his capability. It was likewise sad to see that Frikkie never saw the light, that Tengo’s enthusiasm was not contagious. That scenario may have seemed too ideal and unrealistic for a story that stresses the real world conflicts rather than story book endings. It was not unbelievable that the army would have done for Frikkie what it did nor was it incredible that the chance meeting of Frikkie and Tengo under those direst of circumstances could have happened. It could and many similar chance meetings with more serious consequences have occurred.How wonderful it would be if all children of reading age had the same hunger for knowledge that Tengo shows throughout the story until his decision to return to the farm. A world of adventure opened for me like windows to the universe when I discovered how I could vicariously experience the wonders of other countries without ever leaving the ghetto of my birthplace.Need I say more? This theme of the threat by the educated black was hammered mercilessly by Sannie and the oubaas. I do not, however, believe that this is a universally accepted conviction. Education is the key to eliminating prejudicial hatred. Ignorance is the poker that stokes the fires of racism not just against blacks by whites but any minority by any other group that thinks it is superior.Consider the following concept.In the black schools and universities, they’re giving us an inferior education — gutter education. Bantu education is designed to make us better slaves. (page 113)The truth of this presumption may very well have some basis in Africa, but the aim is not to make better slaves as was intimated. That is the kind of fallacy that perpetuates the hate based on fear ideology. There are poor schools in third world countries that try to do the best with what they have and they coexist with far wealthier institutions. But, it is an economic problem, not a social one. Both schools vie with one another for the dollars of the student base. Those who can afford the more prestigious school with the more motivated teachers and more copious supplies do so. The others suffer with less than the best. The motivation is not suppression. It is part of the way of life, a kind of survival of the fittest.These lines struck a note that reinforces the idea that in our youthful innocence, when we are green like young saplings, we feel no prejudice other than what we learn from others, particularly those from whom we learn — parents and teachers — and our peers who affect us with their experiences and beliefs and infect us with what poisons were unwittingly slipped into their unsuspecting bodies and minds. I saw the relationship of green with innocence immediately and connected the rain, which makes nature green again, to education, which can make the darkness of ignorance light again.This Catch-22 goes on even now regarding any conflict that involves two sides each of which wants concessions before concord. For example, one faction won’t give up its guns until peace talks begin while the other side won’t begin talks until the guns are surrendered. These are power struggles that will exist in innumerable forms so long as one group has something the other wants and neither will budge until the other sacrifices something of value — like power, possession, or assets. This is a recurrent theme for which there are countless stories, one for each conflict about man versus man, man against god, or man in conflict with society.There are┬ápassages that┬áremind me that when we feel all is lost and we sink into the unfathomable abyss of despair, we can reach out to someone who can make life seem more worthwhile because of his/her existence. Happiness is sharing even unhappiness with another who is willing to understand, be compassionate, and still remain steadfast and loyal to one another. It was disappointing to see Tengo release his tentative grip on someone he cared for because of the fear of falling into a trap that caught someone else. He had a chance to show integrity and strength. Instead, he succumbed to the fear of failure. Well, we all have our Achilles heels.Everyone pays for prejudice. It is not inherent. It is learned from those from whom we least expect it. Education is a healing remedy, but by the time education can apply its balm, the cancer had already spread its deadly venom too late to cure the unwilling victim.

What Are University Professorships? – University Review

Having achieved your Ph.D., and that is a long road to take, you will
finally be eligible to apply for a position as a university professor.
Generally, there are three kinds of teaching positions at this level
that you can apply for: Assistant Professor, Associate
Professor, and Professor. In addition to academic excellence,
other than grades, scientific writing, presenting and networking form a
very important basis for becoming a professor. Criteria for evaluating
the qualifications for being the professor vary from country to country
and from one university to another.Some universities use a
scoring system as part of their criteria for evaluating one’s
qualifications for each level of professorship. Scores are determined
according to scientific achievements that usually range mainly from
being published in peer-reviewed journal papers, conference
proceedings, books and other kinds of publications, and awards,
etc. Some outstanding students are offered the assistant
professor position shortly after they graduate with their Ph.D.Others will be offered the same position after they spend two to three
more years for postdoctoral research. Again, depending on universities
and their system, to be qualified one must attain a certain level with
endorsements from those who support you.An Assistant Professor is the entry level into the four-year university
environment. An Assistant Professor works under the guidance of, and
reports to, a fully tenured professor or an Associate Professor. In
this position, you are not required to write your own curriculum but
will depend on your lead to provide one. At most, you will
teach two classes, but you are required to continue research and
meeting with students for guidance on classes. Promotions are
hard to come-by and Assistant Professor usually teaches about seven
years before being promoted to Associate Professor.An Associate Professor plans his own curriculum but has a greater
workload and longer hours to teach. He/she must participate in
educational activities and/or committees. Although he/she reports to a
tenured professor, there is more flexibility.Full professors – considered a faculty member once accepted –
plan, teach, confer with students and manage their time by assigning
parts of their jobs to Assistant Professors. Being a tenured professor
gives them certain rights to hold that position and not be fired
without just cause. In addition, they are expected to be on
staff for life unless some extenuating circumstance causes their
dismissal – usually hard to prove a case against someone who
is tenured. There are also part-time professors and
non-tenured professor positions that are used to “fill
in” for people who are on sabbatical or on some temporary
leave. Those positions should also be considered to gain experience in
teaching and gain entry into a particular university setting.Below are the requirements you’ll need to meet and some of
which should be highlighted on your Curriculum Vitae (CV) when applying
for these positions.- You must have had excellent graduate test scores. These are
the result of studying, becoming a subject matter expert on your topic,
and providing an outcome that reflects your knowledge.- You must have had scientific achievements indicating your interest in
the work. This means initiating research projects or handling those
assigned, making your results public by writing research papers and
getting them published in influential scientific (or appropriate)
journals and publications. They carry a lot of weight in
making your work known and exposing yourself to others in the industry.

Are You Ready to Become a Wealthy Affiliate? Read Product Reviews For Juicy Details! – University Review

If you have been in the Internet Marketing business for any length of time you have probably heard about The Wealthy Affiliate University. WA University is the fastest growing community online for Internet Marketing and righteously so. No other website provides the same amount of value and has turned ordinary people into overnight success stories then Wealthy Affiliate.What makes Wealthy Affiliate so successful? I can sum that up right now…they care about their members and are passionate about helping others make money online.I have joined numerous websites claiming they will give you the key to unlock all the secrets of making money online. I am sure you have seen these. Over 90% of them are total scams out to make a quick buck. The website owners could not care less if you made money or not.Wealthy Affiliate is just the opposite. Kyle and Carson the two geniuses that created The Wealthy Affiliate University website have put together an online community that literally walks a beginner from start to finish leaving nothing out to guess. Reading the hundreds of success stories on the WA Forums it is evident that Wealthy Affiliate works!Where else will you receive one-on-one coaching…that’s right Kyle and Carson provide one-on-one coaching to all their members at no additional cost! This is just one of many awesome benefits of being a member.I have seen Kyle and Carson help many members from assisting them with setting up their AdWords campaigns to building websites; they are always willing to help their members succeed.If you search online you will find hundreds if not thousands of Wealthy Affiliate Reviews by active members who absolutely love Wealthy Affiliate.To help put things into perspective, here is a short list of what Wealthy Affiliate members receive.1. 8 Week Internet Marketing Training Course (The Most Comprehensive Course I have seen. Every stone turned on Internet Marketing)
2. Internet Marketing Training Videos – Watch how to do keyword research and more.
3. WA Forums – Here is where ordinary people are made into success stories.
4. Keyword Research Tools – Find hot converting keywords with ease, find out which keywords your competition are making money with.
5. Free Website Hosting
6. Site Rubix a Free Website Builder
7. Rapid Writer a powerful Content Generator / SEO Optimizer making writing articles a snap.
8. Clickbank Research Tool
9. AdWords Tool
10. Link Cloaking & Analytics ToolAs you can see Wealthy Affiliate provides a lot of value to their members and is always rolling out improvements and additions to further enhance their website.Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not one of the 90% scams online rather an online community helping each other make money online. As a member you will meet amazing people in the community willing to answer all your questions and show you step-by-step how to make money online fast.

Bride of Frankenstein (1935) – A Film Review – University Review

The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)Dir: James WhaleCast: Colin Clive, Boris Karloff, Elsa Lanchester, Valerie Hobson, Ernest ThesigerAcademy Awards: None (Nominated for best sound)Following on directly from the 1931 film ‘Frankenstein’ we soon learn that Doctor Henry Frankenstein (Colin Clive) and his creation were not killed. With the monster on the loose again and the mad Doctor Pretorius (played by Ernest Thesiger) attempting to create a mate for the monster, the townsfolk have never been in more danger.Based on the classic novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and wonderfully directed by the legendary director James Whale, this is one of those rare occurrences when a sequel hits the heights of the original. The Bride of Frankenstein’s inspired opening (which shows an impossible dramatisation of Mary Shelley telling Lord Byron and Percy Shelley that ‘the story doesn’t end there’) ensures the films plausibility. Considered by many to be superior to it’ predecessor ( and no less brutal, only a few minutes in and we see the grieving parents of the first films child victim being killed at the hands of the monster ). However, The Bride of Frankenstein is much more personal. The film shows the monster being portrayed as more the victim and Doctor Frankenstein less the selfish egotistic maniac. This leaves a gap for Ernest Thesiger to play the cackling psychotic villain Doctor Pretorius with enthusiastic zeal. Pretorius’s motives are never in doubt, he wants to create a master race of monsters and his craziness is shown when you see jars of tiny living humans in his laboratory.In my opinion forget ‘The Godfather II’. Forget ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. This is THE greatest example of a sequel surpassing the original. James Whale was originally reluctant to make a sequel but changed his mind after being allowed to make the film more on his own terms. No other director has ever managed to blend horror and comedy as successfully as Whale. The film features some of the most memorable scenes in cinematic history notably the monster’s encounter with a lonely hermit and the introduction of ‘The Bride’. Elsa Lanchester was in this film for just two minutes as ‘The Bride’ but is only ever known for this role (even after a very successful career), another example of the magnetic power of this film.It’s hard to believe that this film is nearing 75 years old, Universal must be applauded for the horror films that they produced in the 1930s and 1940s. The Bride of Frankenstein is the probably the most important film of this era. A true great and a must-see for all film fans.Collectors of Universal horror film memorabilia pay thousands of pounds for posters, lobby cards, and photographs of this film; recently the one sheet poster of this film sold for over $440,000.